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Ion Source Bio works in Blockchain - Blockchain – correct valid data analysis guaranteed by Blockchain.

Benefits of Blockchain:

>>> Non-alterability of data, guaranteed traceability, total elimination of error margin.

Blockchain: data and information extraction with a very high level of detail.

General description of the technology:

The amount of analytical data produced within laboratories has gown exponentially in recent years. This is due mainly to the development of increasingly sophisticated IT technology.

This has led to the problem not only of managing but also tracing the analytical data precisely and accurately. In fact, data acquisition to data processing involves several steps subject to potential errors. The data must be traced and filed so that it can be verified during laboratory controls.

The same problem, of verifiability and traceability, occurs a posteriori during the various test report drafting phases.
The Blockchain technology, adopted in the ISB quality circuit, allows each phase of the company activity to be meticulously tracked, and data and information to be extracted with a very high level of detail.

The services associated with the technology are the following:

a) Provide accurate data on every phase of the analysis process.
b) Extract and share specific information with the client rapidly and accurately.
c) Ensure a high security level for the data provided. The information in the Blockchain database, an ISB proprietary database, cannot be modified in the absence of traceability. This means that any variation in data registration has a historical record which is a guarantee of quality.

Benefits compared to our competitors:

The characteristics that make the technology superior to existing technology are:

a) The ISB platform is the first Blockchain platform that guarantees the security and traceability of the data acquired via mass spectrometry techniques.
b) It is possible to verify and trace every phase of the analytical process leading to the result and drafting of the test report.


Sanist Cloud: Biotechnology analysis as a service

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Are you looking for Scientific Support in Outsourcing in the field of Target or Untarget Proteomics? Do you need research and development services in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical or Clinical Industry? Do you need support in Scientific Research and R&D services using the best Mass Spectrometry laboratory in the world?

Sanist, the only global database, developed by ISB Ionsource Biotech, allows you to take advantage of scientific services on a global scale which until yesterday were the prerogative of local laboratories. This is no longer the case today! Why?

Because ISB Ionsource Biotech makes available to your Research and Development department its many years of Know How enclosed in the only and most powerful database on a global scale which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology, allows you to connect your scientific instruments to a patented Electronic Brain which it will exponentially improve the data results of your analytics activities soaring in an incalculable way the effort deriving from the operations of Research and Development and Quality Improvement.

In a nutshell, what can we do for you?

a) Be a classic local laboratory that analyzes and processes samples giving you 300% improved data compared to our competitors in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.
b) Be yours Remote Scientific Partner, even if you are on the other side of the world, providing you with Patented Technology that will allow you to share the data of your Laboratory Analysis with us, and for us to return to you values improved by 300% compared to what you've gotten so far.

load your laboratory's analytical data

we process data and return 300% improved scientific analyzes to you

Not yet our customer? Well, it's time to consider a FREE TRIAL of SANIST.

1) Can you try for free? Yes, try SANIST for free without any obligation to use it and at no cost to your facility. 2) Do you have an obligation to use later? Absolutely not, because you will understand by yourself that you will never be able to do without SANIST again. 3) Do you have to move to use SANIST? NO, absolutely not, we will manage everything remotely. 4) Do you have to buy expensive tools to take advantage of SANIST? NO, absolutely not, everything will remain unchanged for you, exponentially improving the data of your Research and Development and Quality activities. 5) Do I have other benefits? YES, you will cut production costs and prehistoric instrumentation which will become obsolete for you.

Sanist Cloud: Biotechnology analysis as a service

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