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Patented technology: SANIST

Trust our SANIST proprietary technology. ISB SRL’s proprietary platform is the result of over 10 years of experience in the field of mass spectrometry.

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Data management in Blockchain

ISB SRL implements the Blockchain technology for quality control. Each file and activity is irreversibly and permanently tracked and can be traced back using a specific search engine.

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Laboratories/office hours

Laboratories are located within the OpenZone technological hub, where Italian excellence in the biotechnology and bioinformatics sector is incubated. Our laboratories and offices are available to customers at the following times:

Monday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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New technologies in personalized medicine!

Our services in the world of Biotechnologies

ISB was established as a spin-off of Università degli Studi di Milano in 2006, and comprises researchers with fields of study covering a wide range of different scientific sectors and disciplines; this multidisciplinarity enables ISB to tackle many types of problems, both in the biomedical-scientific area and in the pharmaceutical, food and environmental area.

How can we guarantee high quality food supplements?

SANIST-AMCO analysis specific for the food supplement industry

This is where we can help you: We carefully check the composition of the product individually identifying each component and carefully analyzing each of them at molecular level. This provides important information in order to guarantee the quality of the food supplement.

Our intervention will enable you to:

Offer your products for sale in record time speeding up the journey from molecule to market, thanks to a series of procedures designed to ensure compliance with ministerial requirements.

Rapidly obtain the appropriate certifications to make your products market compliant and obtain all the necessary sale documents.

We carefully check the composition of the product individually, identifying each component and carefully analyzing each of them at protein and molecular level.

Access important information and consulting services to produce high-end superior quality food products.

Our training services for training your specialist personnel to operate in complete safety and total autonomy with guaranteed results..

Analysis and certification in outsourcing for all products entering the sales chain.

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How do we guarantee high-quality pharmaceutical products?

SANIST-AMCO analysis applied to the pharmaceutical industry

Our patented SANIST technology applied to pharmaceutical products enables us to:

Verify the cause of any product alterations(e.g. color variation) by identifying the molecular changes that have caused the non-conformity..

Verify the various molecular interactions (Interactome), for example study of the drug-protein interaction in vitro.

We create research and development projects to identify new opportunities for improving your products, and we discuss and customize the research based on your requirements.

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What they say about us

In order to understand how we can really help companies to penetrate the market, we first need to know what our clients say about us:

Informatics applied to medical research

The innovative data processing system integrated in the SANIST platform enables us to:

Identify Biomarkers used to prevent, diagnose or monitor the activity of a disease.

Identify unknown molecules based on their molecular weight and fragmentation spectrum.

Identify unknown matrices (e.g. plant extracts).

Construct new diagnostic models based on the quantity of specific molecular biomarkers.

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Our Partners

IS Biolab works not only with commercial companies, it also has various collaborations and synergies with bodies and facilities, including public organizations, that benefit from its many years of specialization in the sector.

La Sapienza University

Simone Cristoni, CEO of ISB SRL, has collaborated for years with Università “La Sapienza” of Rome in the area of proteomic studies.

University of Milan

ISB SRL was set up in 2006 as a spin-off of Università degli Studi di Milano, and was formed by researchers whose fields of study encompass a wide range of scientific disciplines. In 2011 it became independent due to the strength of its products and services.

Multimedical Center

ISB SRL has collaborated for years with the Centro Multimedica in Milan which represents one of the most important clinical research institutes at national level. The collaboration has resulted in various scientific publications in pre-refereed international journals.

Varelli Clinical Center

Centro Clinico Varelli actively collaborates with ISB in the development of new clinical-diagnostic applications for the SANIST proprietary platform.


A proprietary technological platform and a patented method consolidated over time, designed to provide Biotechnology and Bioengineering services for firms operating in Clinical Research or areas relating to the Pharmaceutical, Food, Nutraceutics and Cosmetics industries. What sector do you operate in?

Food industry
SANIST for Food Safety

Foodomics services to guarantee food traceability, and for toxicological control of food products.

Pharmaceutical Industry
SANIST for Pharmaceutical products

Verification of composition or alteration of pharmaceutical products, research and development services and improvement of product functionality.

Nutraceutics Industry
SANIST for food supplements

Development and improvement of nutritional value of food supplements, search for fakes and protection against attempts at reverse engineering.