ISB Ion Source & Biotechnology SRL. Laboratory for Proteomics, Metabolomics, Foodomics, Mass spectrometry, Personalized medicine and Research for the pharmaceutical industry.

ISB Ion Source & Biotechnologies Srl is a company dedicated to the development of strategies and innovative methods applied to mass spectrometry.

ISB can offer a whole range of services, from the development of specific analytical methods to the analysis of proteins and biomolecules. Over time, ISB has developed analytical methods that can be directly used in our laboratory or transferred to the client.

ISB has patented two innovative mass spectrometry sources which significantly reduce analysis times and costs.
ISB uses its know-how and technologies to find the best solution to client problems. Various projects are currently under way aimed at characterization and quantification of proteins and metabolites.

The innovative mass spectrometry technologies and the bioinformatic approaches developed by the company have proved surprising in terms of both sensitivity and selectivity in analysis of the compounds of interest, with results far superior to those that can be obtained with conventional technologies.


Safety and quality of food industry products

Safety of pharmaceutical industry products and food supplements

Nutraceutics industry

Chemical industry

Safety of medicines in the clinical industry and product quality and composition analysis

Chemical analyses

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