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Oxidative stress analysis – quantitative control of thiodiglycolic acid and degenerative pathologies. Oxidative stress, redox imbalance, thiodiglycolic acid, prevention of degenerative pathologies, degenerative diseases, free radicals.

Who is our oxidative stress analysis service designed for?

>>> Pharmaceutical industry, clinical industry, nutraceutics industry, prevention industry..

Oxidative stress underlies the development of a number of degenerative pathologies. In fact, it can damage the biochemical balance of our organism.

General description of the service:

Oxidative stress underlies the development of a number of degenerative pathologies. In fact, it can damage the biochemical balance of our organism. Before this happens, the agents that cause it directly or indirectly (e.g. chemical or microbiological agents) have to overcome the biochemical mechanisms that protect the organism.

The main metabolic cycle defending the organism is the one that leads to the synthesis of Glutathione (GSH). This is the main antioxidant agent produced by the organism. When the metabolism which results in the synthesis of this compound is altered due to intoxication, the organism is exposed to the attack of various chemical or biological factors that lead to oxidative stress.

ISB has developed and validated, in literature, an innovative test that can predict the onset of oxidative stress well in advance.
In practice, the abundance of a urinary metabolite (thiodiglycolic acid) is detected. The information obtained can therefore provide a support for pharmacists, doctors and specialists, who can intervene promptly in order to maintain the patient’s state of health.

Characteristics of the thiodiglycolic acid analysis service and prediction of oxidative stress:

a) Effective prevention of oxidative stress and related pathologies.
b) Evaluation of the extent of the oxidative stress, enabling specialists to provide personalized indications for prevention.

Benefits of our oxidative stress analysis service and prevention of degenerative pathologies:

The ISB analysis for oxidative stress and thiodiglycolic acid has significant advantages compared to the traditional tests:

a) It allows the onset of oxidative stress to be detected in advance. This maximizes the probabilities of maintaining the individual’s state of health.
b) It allows effective personalization of prevention, according to the extent of alteration of the organism.


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