Predictive Medicine and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical, Food, Clinical and Scientific Research industries.

Biotechnological laboratory analysis +300% more precise than traditional Spectromass thanks to our globally patented SANIST database and currently used by large players in the pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, nutraceutical, and medical as well as scientific research sectors. (ISB Biotech) aims to totally revolutionize the world of biotechnology and the way of doing bioinformatics. We have patented a database so sophisticated that it allows you to

a) improve the laboratory analysis results of any pharmaceutical or nutraceutical company by 300%.
b) thus significantly improving the research and development of companies that deal with quality control or the production of new drugs
c) dramatically raising data quality for nutraceutical companies that develop and manufacture dietary supplements
d) drastically improve the study of new analytical methods
e) Finally making possible the large-scale advent of what is called Predictive Medicine.

Why Predictive Medicine?

Because SANIST biotechnological technology first scans the biological samples to be analyzed and accumulates the data necessary to, subsequently, identify any anomalies at a protein, bacterial or toxicological level and, ultimately, to associate these anomalies with certain ongoing pathologies or potential.

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