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PROTEOMICS SERVICES for the pharmaceutical industry and Proteomics analysis in the clinical and medicinal field

Who is our PROTEOMIC ANALYSIS service designed for?

Universities, biotechnological research centers, pharmaceutical companies, companies that produce protein pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of protein supplements for sport or for health, manufacturers of antibody-based medical tests, organizations that perform protein-based clinical studies

Our patented proprietary platform for gene analysis at protein level (SANIST) for EFFICIENT PROTEOMIC analysis!

Our service provides data on the quali-quantitative analysis of proteins in various biological samples. We are able to perform analysis both of protein mixtures with unknown composition (untarget analysis) and targeted proteins (target analysis). We can also provide accurate studies on the interaction between proteins and other molecules (metabolites, peptides etc.).

The accuracy of the analyses is reinforced by an advanced bioinformatic service connected to databases containing thousands of protein molecules providing fundamental information both in the sector of research and development (e.g. study of protein biomarkers associated with diseases) and in the production sector (e.g. quality control of monoclonal antibodies).

The entire service is based on the innovative SANIST technology developed by ISB in collaboration with local research centers of excellence. The heart of the technology is a proprietary apparatus based on mass spectrometry called Surface Activated Chemical Ionization SACI (Cristoni et al. International patent n. WO2007131682A2 and 7368728). This technique reduces interferences during the analysis, obtaining higher quality results.

The service can be applied in various areas:
  • Identification of unknown proteins using databases;
  • Study of protein modifications. We are able to characterize protein mutations both in terms of amino acid substitutions and insertion of functional groups (e.g. phosphorylations, glycations, nitrations etc).
  • Semi-quantitative differential studies: we can compare different samples and evaluate the presence of quantity differences associated with unknown proteins (untarget studies) or known proteins (target studies).
  • Interactome studies: our proprietary technologies (SANIST line) enable us to evaluate protein-protein, protein-metabolite and protein-elementary fraction interactions in different biological systems.
  • Development of specific dosage systems. Our know-how enables us to develop methods for determining the quantity of proteins in samples of various origin. A classic example is the quantification of protein drugs (e.g. monoclonal antibodies) in the blood of patients.
  • Another application can be associated with the dosage of specific proteins contained in food supplements or in other products.

  • Benefits compared to the Proteomics services of our competitors:

    Our proprietary technology SANIST, based on mass spectrometry, enables us to obtain extremely high quality analyses compared to the others on the market. The benefits that can be obtained are summarized below:

  • Higher quality analysis due to elimination of interferences and matrix effects: this is due to the key component of our patent that enables us to reduce ionization of the solvent via the application of low voltages (47V) instead of the high voltages (4000 – 7000 V) used in the conventional techniques.
  • Non-destructive technique. Due to the low voltages used in the analysis, the bonds present in the molecules are not altered. This allows a very accurate picture of the protein composition to be obtained without the introduction of artifacts. In particular, the interactome studies significantly benefit from this property. In fact, in these cases it is fundamentally important not to alter the molecular structures and relations present in solution.
  • Accurate quantitative analyses due to the SANIST technology which stabilizes the signals relative to the molecules of protein origin (
    The other technologies on the market distribute the signal in an unstable manner between the different ionic forms of the molecules analyzed. Our technology reduces the entity of this effect by providing fewer elements of variability and more stable and reliable quantitative analyses. Both the target quantitative studies and the semi-quantitative differential studies benefit from this characteristic.
  • Our bioinformatic algorithms connected to dedicated databases enable us to obtain both functional and systemic information on the proteins analyzed.


    Sanist Cloud: Biotechnology analysis as a service

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    Are you looking for Scientific Support in Outsourcing in the field of Target or Untarget Proteomics? Do you need research and development services in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical or Clinical Industry? Do you need support in Scientific Research and R&D services using the best Mass Spectrometry laboratory in the world?

    Sanist, the only global database, developed by ISB Ionsource Biotech, allows you to take advantage of scientific services on a global scale which until yesterday were the prerogative of local laboratories. This is no longer the case today! Why?

    Because ISB Ionsource Biotech makes available to your Research and Development department its many years of Know How enclosed in the only and most powerful database on a global scale which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology, allows you to connect your scientific instruments to a patented Electronic Brain which it will exponentially improve the data results of your analytics activities soaring in an incalculable way the effort deriving from the operations of Research and Development and Quality Improvement.

    In a nutshell, what can we do for you?

    a) Be a classic local laboratory that analyzes and processes samples giving you 300% improved data compared to our competitors in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.
    b) Be yours Remote Scientific Partner, even if you are on the other side of the world, providing you with Patented Technology that will allow you to share the data of your Laboratory Analysis with us, and for us to return to you values improved by 300% compared to what you've gotten so far.

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    Sanist Cloud: Biotechnology analysis as a service

    try for free sanist

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