Gut dysbiosis – analysis for evaluation and maintenance of health and wellbeing.

How is the examination carried out?

The examination is performed entirely in remote mode, without leaving your home; in this way you can get all the results you need from the best analysis laboratory in Italy without having to travel to Milan. What do you have to do to get the results of the AMCO gut dysbiosis and gut microbiome identification analysis? It couldn’t be easier: follow the steps below:

2) Carefully fill in the order form on this page.
3) Proceed with the payment of the exam, the cost of which is 96 Euros (80 Euros for the exam + 16 Euros for shipping costs). The payment platform is PAYPAL and remember that

you can make the payment whether you have a PayPal account or not. If you have a PayPal account you can pay with the credit you have available or a card or account associated with your PayPal.

DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT? No problem, you can still pay with any credit or debit card and you don't have to open a PayPal account.

4) Wait to receive the kit for the collection of biological samples (tubes and containers)
5) Perform the collection of biological samples as per the instructions contained in the form specified in point 1
6) Ship biological samples to the address of our laboratories in Milan
7) Wait for the test results which will be mailed to you both digitally and physically.

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What is gut dysbiosis?

The gut contains a vast and complex bacterial population. These bacteria interact with the host, finely regulating the metabolism and helping to maintain it stable. Many scientific studies have shown that maintaining a correct balance of the gut bacteria population helps to prevent numerous diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Control of the gut bacteria therefore helps to provide essential information for integrating our diet with probiotics or other food supplements to maintain health.

Why is gut dysbiosis dangerous?

When the bacteria in the gut become imbalanced due to an abnormal proliferation of pathogens (e.g. Clostridium bacteria) the entire metabolism of a person and consequently their state of health can be compromised.

This happens because the pathogenic bacteria can act in two ways:

a) They attack the beneficial bacteria that are able to maintain a balance within the organism.
b) They produce toxins that can be absorbed by the intestinal wall and cause damage to the primary metabolism, creating conditions of oxidative stress in the individual.

The combined effect of these events can trigger a state of progressive degeneration of the organism which in the long term can result in serious diseases (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer).

What are the symptoms of gut dysbiosis?

High levels of gut dysbiosis can cause noticeable symptoms:

1) bloating
2) indigestion
3) meteorism
4) alitosis
5) nausea
6) vomiting
7) excessive flatulence
8) irregular bowel movement
9) genital infections
10) sleep disorders
11) mood changes
12) susceptibility to infections
13) reduced physical efficiency
14) excessive and prolonged tiredness

There are, however, cases in which the state of alteration of the gut bacteria balance is asymptomatic. These are the most serious cases, because the individual does not notice the gradual intoxication taking place, which in the long term will result in various forms of degenerative disease.

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What are the causes of gut dysbiosis?

The causes of gut dysbiosis include the following:

⋅ Non-varied diet, with not enough fibers and too many refined foods (sugar, gluten, alcohol)
⋅ Over-rich meals eaten too quickly and poor chewing
⋅ Irregular and frenetic pace of life, with alterations in the frequency and size of meals
⋅ Sedentary lifestyle and psychophysical stress
⋅ Parasites
⋅ Drug abuse
⋅ Contaminants contained in food (dyes, solvents, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics)
⋅ Smoking

Serious consequences of gut dysbiosis:

It is believed that gut dysbiosis can play a role in the genesis of various diseases including inflammatory intestinal diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer and also autism. Research in this field has expanded significantly in recent years and the enormous amount of data collected highlights the huge importance of the gut microbiota for our health CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Treatment, prevention and cure of gut dysbiosis:

It is important to point out that we focus on prevention, and only a doctor can prescribe the therapies necessary for the correct treatment of gut dysbiosis.

Having said this, all doctors need to prescribe specific detailed tests in order to identify the exact extent and nature of the problem.

Our biotechnology laboratory offers advanced analyses that identify the exact extent of the problem in a research and development setting rather than a clinical setting. It will then be the job of the doctor or specialist to prescribe specific clinical tests, if deemed necessary.

So why choose for gut dysbiosis tests?

Because we are the only laboratory that evaluates gut dysbiosis by analyzing the metabolism..

In fact, many institutes use genetic tests to ascertain the presence of pathogens but do not evaluate the effects and the damage produced.

The test developed by ISB, on the other hand, allows evaluation not only of the presence of dysbiosis but also the potential damage it causes to the metabolism and correct functioning of the organism.

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1) Download sample collection instructions:
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2) fill out the form below to order and then pay for the exam through PAYPAL: (You can pay by card even if you don't have a PAYPAL account)