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The difference between our SANIST ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry services and the standard mass spectrometry analyses provided by all other facilities or cro?

1) With SANIST you have an higher data quality in mass spectrometry analysis improved by +300% compared to all other R&D laboratories.
2) With SANIST we deliver laboratory analyses within a few hours, even for millions of samples analyzed thanks to the data matching of our patented global scientific database.
3) Thanks to SANIST we are the only ones in the world able to apply a fixed cost per sample analyzed, whether you need to analyze an analyte or that you need to analyze millions.

SANIST: In practice, our SANIST PATENT allows us to provide you with mass spectrometry laboratory analyzes that are 300% better, provide you with scientific results immediately, and not least by making you spend less than half than all other scientific research facilities and laboratories in the world, and at the same time giving you infinitely more regardless of the number of analytes involved in the trials.

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SANIST Patented high resolution mass spectrometry service, who is it aimed at?

>>> Pharmaceutical industry, nutraceutics industry, clinical industry, cosmetics industry, research and development, textile and food industries or other industrial sectors.<<<

Our patented mass spectrometry, proteomics, metabolomics and foodomics proprietary platform (SANIST) for advanced MASS SPECTROMETRY services!

The SANIST technology by ISB reduces both timescales and costs of development, increasing the quality of the results in all sectors allied to the field of research and development and industrial sectors that require laboratory analyses and services in the area of mass spectrometry.

Benefits compared to the mass spectrometry services offered by our competitors:

  • a) Maximization of analysis speed
  • b) Optimization of analysis speed
  • c) Maximization of spatial resolution in imaging studies
  • d) Accurate mass measurements in all known analysis modes
  • e) Perfect analysis of non-conductive samples such as sections of fabric embedded in paraffin on slides
  • f) Targeted (MS/MS) and non-targeted (MS) work flows
  • g) SANIST uses the most sensitive and reliable ionic sources
  • h) Availability of a further resolution dimension based on molecular form and dimensions
  • i) Exploitation of properties of the collision cross section (CCS)
  • i) Unique advantages both for imaging studies and for characterization of compounds
  • i) Improvement in confirmation of compound identity due to CSS measurements

    MASS SPECTROMETRY and applications of our laboratory services:

    Mass spectrometry is a technology that can detect, identify and quantify molecules based on their molecular weight which can be identified via the mass-to-charge ratio. The technology has undergone an important evolution over the last 30 years, expanding from applications in the physical field to applications in the biological and medical fields. In recent years, due to the development of advanced bioinformatic technologies, thousands of molecules can be analyzed and important information extracted in terms of both identification of compounds and semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis. This huge versatility makes the technology applicable in many different sectors, including the following:

  • a) Pharmaceutics
  • b) Nutraceutics
  • c) Clinical
  • d) Cosmetics
  • e) Research and development
  • f) Other industrial sectors (e.g. textile, food)


    Sanist Cloud: Biotechnology analysis as a service

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    Are you looking for Scientific Support in Outsourcing in the field of Target or Untarget Proteomics? Do you need research and development services in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical or Clinical Industry? Do you need support in Scientific Research and R&D services using the best Mass Spectrometry laboratory in the world?

    Sanist, the only global database, developed by ISB Ionsource Biotech, allows you to take advantage of scientific services on a global scale which until yesterday were the prerogative of local laboratories. This is no longer the case today! Why?

    Because ISB Ionsource Biotech makes available to your Research and Development department its many years of Know How enclosed in the only and most powerful database on a global scale which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technology, allows you to connect your scientific instruments to a patented Electronic Brain which it will exponentially improve the data results of your analytics activities soaring in an incalculable way the effort deriving from the operations of Research and Development and Quality Improvement.

    In a nutshell, what can we do for you?

    a) Be a classic local laboratory that analyzes and processes samples giving you 300% improved data compared to our competitors in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.
    b) Be yours Remote Scientific Partner, even if you are on the other side of the world, providing you with Patented Technology that will allow you to share the data of your Laboratory Analysis with us, and for us to return to you values improved by 300% compared to what you've gotten so far.

    load your laboratory's analytical data

    we process data and return 300% improved scientific analyzes to you

    Not yet our customer? Well, it's time to consider a FREE TRIAL of SANIST.

    1) Can you try for free? Yes, try SANIST for free without any obligation to use it and at no cost to your facility. 2) Do you have an obligation to use later? Absolutely not, because you will understand by yourself that you will never be able to do without SANIST again. 3) Do you have to move to use SANIST? NO, absolutely not, we will manage everything remotely. 4) Do you have to buy expensive tools to take advantage of SANIST? NO, absolutely not, everything will remain unchanged for you, exponentially improving the data of your Research and Development and Quality activities. 5) Do I have other benefits? YES, you will cut production costs and prehistoric instrumentation which will become obsolete for you.

    Sanist Cloud: Biotechnology analysis as a service

    try for free sanist

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